Digital gamification for financial literacy has arrived.

Have you considered how your company could use gaming to help improve financial literacy; and to increase the appeal of your products and services?

CYCLIC Digital is the answer.

CYCLIC Digital fully follows the CYCLIC format, utilising all its strengths. But gaming experts have been actively employed to ensure it achieves the desired appeal.

CYCLIC Digital jointly adopts the brands of the sponsoring financial institution and of Cyclic; and is provided in the chosen language of the sponsor. And it is tailored to the nature of the sponsor’s business and its products.

In particular, each game showcases the benefits of up to three of the sponsor’s products, and the game operates in such a way that players see the merit in reaching out to the sponsor – which it can do within the game.

In each country, we limit the number of companies, whether life insurers, P&C insurers or lending institutions that can be sponsors of versions of CYCLIC Digital.


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