From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, hundreds of senior staff of AVIVA VIETNAM participated together in a series of Cyclic events throughout July 2018....
In developed countries, financial education is very focused training. According to different age groups, students will be introduced to basic financial...
As a proponent of team-building activities, the Masan Consumer Group decided to incorporate CYCLIC into its ‘Lunch & Learn’ program run for its...

What do Clients say?

  • An Intelligent Game outlines the real-life scenario how to operate your personal finances for the most effective. Everyone should try to know how to save money and have financial freedom and enjoy retirement

    Van Pham

  • Cyclic Game let me interestingly experience and clearly image Financial Life. I think more about my own Financial Plan for future after playing the game.


  • The game helps me know how to plan for my future. I realize where I should invest and not. Overall is very good.

    Duc Nguyen

  • Game is very good and practical to help manage each person through each stage of life. I will definitely attend the next time.

    Virgo Anh

  • A financial game, cash flow management is worth the experience and practical. Feel
    Very great and draw many lessons on management, capital allocation after the game ends!

    Hua Ty

  • The game is so great. We not only had fun interactions with friends but also useful financial literacy.

    Janna Connel


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