About us

As a leader in the field of gamification, CYCLIC was created by a team of financial experts in Europe with the principle objective of giving players the opportunity to learn about, and to experience investing in, typical Financial Products in life.

Through the game each player will see his or her own financial outcome – driven largely by that player’s behavior and decisions at each stage of the game. Investment lessons in the Cyclic World – whether successful or not, will affect people’s perceptions about the role, meaning and nature of Financial Products in their lives; and thereby encourages the development of Personal Financial Plans, with the objective of navigating towards financial freedom in the future.

From its success in various countries over the years, CYCLIC has developed a variety of specialized versions for different purposes.


  • To become the global leader of gamification


  • Connecting people with fun and useful knowledge.

Our team

CYCLIC has been expanding continually in many countries around the world, with the leadership of talented executives:

United Kingdom – Mark Thailand – Tip Malaysia – Intan South Korea – Hoon Vietnam – Tien

What do clients say?

  • An Intelligent Game outlines the real-life scenario how to operate your personal finances for the most effective. Everyone should try to know how to save money and have financial freedom and enjoy retirement

    Van Pham

  • Cyclic Game let me interestingly experience and clearly image Financial Life. I think more about my own Financial Plan for future after playing the game.


  • The game helps me know how to plan for my future. I realize where I should invest and not. Overall is very good.

    Duc Nguyen

  • Game is very good and practical to help manage each person through each stage of life. I will definitely attend the next time.

    Virgo Anh

  • A financial game, cash flow management is worth the experience and practical. Feel
    Very great and draw many lessons on management, capital allocation after the game ends!

    Hua Ty

  • The game is so great. We not only had fun interactions with friends but also useful financial literacy.

    Janna Connel


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